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Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges Plastic or Painted Steel Case
■ Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
■ Pumps, compressors, water systems, regulators
■ Suitable for fluid medium which does not clog connection port or corrode copper alloy


Product Description

WISTOM is the industry-leading source of quality pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation for a wide range of industrial applications and processes. All of our pressure gauges are designed with accuracy, reliability, and user safety in mind, ensuring the equipment and systems in which they are integrated operate effectively and efficiently. For this reason, industrial original equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies know they can rely on us to provide the instruments they need for their products.

A  professional manufacturer in lean manufacturing and instrumentation experience, WISTOM also offers a broad selection of stock and custom instrumentation as well as dedicated services to provide customers with the right solutions, at the right time, wherever they need us.We have professional production lines and various experimental proofreading equipment.

Product  Features

■ Copper alloy wetted parts

■ ABS plastic or painted steel case

■ Center back mount (CBM) process connection

Sizes 1:½", 2", 2½" and 4" (40, 50, 63, and 100 mm)Movement:Copper alloy

Accuracy class :+ 3/2/3% of span

Operating temperature

Ambient: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

Media: 40°F (+60°C) maximum


White plastic with stop pin (1½", 2", 2½")

White aluminum with stop pin (3½" & 4")

Black or black and red lettering


Vacuum/Compound to 30"Hg (-1 bar) / 0 / 200 psi (16 bar)

Pressure from 15 psi (1 bar) to 6,000 psi (400 bar)

or other equivalent units of pressure or vacuum

Receiver scales 3...15 psi (0.2...1 bar)

Bourdon Tube

Material:copper alloy

≤ 870 psi (60 bar): C-shape

> 870 psi (60 bar): Helical

Working pressure

Steady: 3/4 of full scale value

Fluctuating: 2/3 of full scale value

Short: full scale value

Pressure connection

Material: copper alloy

Center back mount (CBM)

1/8" or 1/4" NPT


Black ABS plastic (1½", 2", 2½")

Black aluminum (3½" & 4")


Black ABS plastic 

(3½" with black-painted steel)


  • Q: How many different types of products your company manufactures?

  • A: Now we have more than 1,000 products. We have a strong advantage of OEM, just give us the actual products or your idea that you want, we will manufacture for you.

  • Q: Which payment form you can accept?

  • A: T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc. We accept any convenient and swift payment term.

  • Q: Which certificate do you have?


  • Q: What’s your after-sale service?

  • A: Our products are guaranteed for one year, provide a series of accessories for life, and provide timely after-sales service within 24 hours.

Become our regional agent. We will conduct long-term cooperation at more favorable prices. If you want to know the preferential prices of dealers, please contact us directly.

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