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Oil & Gas

Your solution partner for mechanical pressure and temperature measurement。WISTOM as a trusted partner and industry expert knowing about the demands of each exploration and production process and will support you throughout your entire value chain with absolutely reliable, high-performance measuring instruments technology. Whether it comes to dependable process control in drilling and oil production, to reliable monitoring of the refining process or to transport and storage in compliance with the prevailing standards – you can always rely on the top-grade quality of WISTOM process instruments.

Drilling Onshore & Offshore

Explosive gases, strong vibrations, extreme weather conditions and a salty, corrosive atmosphere impose extremely demanding requirements. Only robust and reliable pressure gauges, chemical seals, thermowells and thermometers can ensure safety here.


Reliability and precision – vital features in the field of Oil and Gas extraction. Our pressure and temperature measuring instruments hold up in environments where corrosive and aggressive media are present and provide certifications for hazardous areas.

Secondary Recovery & Well Services

Extreme durability and high precision. Whether onshore or offshore, in pressure, level or temperature measuring – We offers products with anti-corrosion coating to ensure impermeability and sealing capabilities throughout the entire service life of the product.


One basic requirement: zero failure! Whether it comes to temperature instruments and safety pressure gauges with improved protection of operator and environment we provide reliably long lasting solutions for all measuring tasks.


Pipelines are the preferred means of transporting liquids or gases from their point of origin to the point of distribution. Explosion-proof measuring instruments ensure safe processes in pipeline operation, from control and pumping on to compressor stations and delivery terminals.


Storage is necessary to meet seasonal and other fluctuations in demand. For operating storage reservoir pressure, temperature and level monitoring is essential. We guarantees reliable processes in hazardous areas with most demanding standards and ratings.

Water Treatment

The increasing use of water for the production of Oil and Gas is creating the need for progressively more complex water treatment facilities. WISTOM is effectively supporting its customers to meet these standards, reduce energy consumption and to implement environmentally sustainable processes.

Natural Gas Compression Tanks (LNG) and Cryogenic Tanks

It is a low temperature liquefaction pressure storage container, and the storage temperature of the medium inside the container is -196 degrees. Our pressure gauges can be used normally in ultra-low temperature environments and provide accurate data.